Sugam Elevators Pvt. Ltd has Wide Spectrum of products with specific purpose of trouble free, smooth, reliable and safe Elevators. Product range includes Passenger, Freight, Hospital and Service Elevators, Capsule, Hydraulic, Home Elevators, Machine Room less Elevators (MRL), Car parking Elevators, Escalators and Travellators. Special features like Automatic rescue devices, overload, hand rails, access card control. Door opening ranges from 700mm to 2400mm. Special cabin designs, fall celling designs and glass doors are available as per demand. To cater the need of hostels, hospitals, bungalows, stores, spa and hotels we have dumbwaiters of 50kg to 250kg.

As the pioneer in vertical motion elevator technology, Sugam wants to meet future expectations of customers in the field of vertical motion with further advancement offering leading technologies on a global platform. We have a dedicated team of engineers and technical professionals to carry out in-depth analysis and come out with the most pertinent solution for client’s vertical motion requirements.

Product Features:

  1. Best of all Safety MRL home lifts in the World.
  2. Machine-Room-Less home lift design to save the building space and cost.
  3. Mini shaft 1500X1500mm requirement and Mini overhead 2650mm design.
  4. Automatic car door & fire-rated landing door.
  5. Simple standard green design, LED light & Solar-powered optional with protect environment.
  6. Microcomputer control panel operation.
  7. Customized design as per space availability.

Car options:

  1. Combination of 18 swg panel and steel car frame.
  2. Customer choice of cabin panel and luxurious cabin design.
  3. Reservation space for the floor carpet.
  4. Air ventilation holes and emergency light.
  5. Handrail with COP switch.